Vidyanidhi Projects

There is no greater initiative we can take than to assist a deserving scholar to complete the course of choice. With this thought in mind, we have decided to work in the field of education through the following projects.

  1. Explore the possibility of constructing our own education institution in the outskirts of Mumbai.
  2. Give need based loan scholarships to needy and meritorious students. Once the student is chosen and post proper scrutiny for eligibility criteria, complete financial assistance (entire fees, cost of books etc.) is given till the beneficiary finishes the chosen professional course. Once the beneficiary settles down with job, the loan should be repaid in easy instalments, without any interest, so that this amount in loan scholarship scheme can be given to another deserving student.

To achieve this project we have decided to create a corpus fund

VIDYANIDHI – A GOKUL INITIATIVE IN PARTNERING EDUCATION. This requires huge amount of funds to successfully continue on a sustainable basis. The objective is to ensure that no meritorious student is deprived of entry into any professional course of his or her choice for lack of finance.

We appeal to philanthropists like you to partner us in this endeavour. Your participation and support in the form of generous donation would be greatly appreciated and acknowledged. We will assure you that your contribution will be meticulously utilized for the successful implementation of the above project.

Kindly draw the cheque in favour of “The B.S.K.B Association- A/c Vidyanidhi” payable at Mumbai. Donation received is tax exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Act.