Gokul Redevelopment Project

Over the years the Association has been successfully carrying out the following activities:-

  • holding cultural, social and sports events throughout the year and encouraging participation from all age groups, thereby inculcating in them a sense of pride in our glorious cultural and traditional heritage.
  • providing financial aid and merit scholarships to the needy and deserving students to encourage higher education and awarding prizes to those meritorious amongst them.
  • offering free or subsidized medical aid.
  • establishing a well-stocked library of numerous invaluable books in Kannada, English, Hindi and Sanskrit, on varied and interesting subjects.
  • conducting various religious functions throughout the year, in keeping with our valued tradition and customs.

Redevelopment of Gokul Building

BSKB Association, popularly known as GOKUL, was built some 65 years ago, keeping in mind the needs of the community in those days. To meet the needs of the present generation, we now propose to build a separate temple, an air-conditioned Convocation hall, hall for religious functions, conference room, lodging facility, a good library, a good kitchen, car parking, new lifts and other modern amenities. The cost of the entire project including interiors, air conditioning, sound system etc. is estimated to be around Rs. 26 crores.
With a view to raise funds for the above projects, we will release colourful and informative souvenirs, one on 28th February 2016 and another on 1st October 2016 during the cultural events. We sincerely request you to take up this excellent opportunity to release an advertisement of your organization. The order form attached may kindly be returned with sufficient information for the insertion of your advertisement or a soft copy of the same (Corel Draw file), along with the advertisement charges. The crossed cheque may kindly be drawn in favour of THE B.S.K.B.Association payable at Mumbai.
Your magnanimous contribution will go a long way in making our project successful and our dream of GOKUL DEVELOPMENT a reality.